1. Overview

    This is an application dedicated to restore lost passwords on Windows computers that use a database known as Database Isam (DBISAM). As the name suggests, its main focus lies on supporting DBISAM databases and its native tables, as it can successfully restore passwords from files that have been lost or corrupt. Whether it is a DBISAM table embedded in a file or an archived version of it, DBISAM Password Recovery is capable of recovering any password used when opening your

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    VSO Burning SDK works on WinXP and WinVista/7/8 OS with different level of support as executable files. 

    If you don’t want to give a reference from your app, just contact us via email or phone. We will provide you with the SDK and more informations about our VSO Burning SDK. 
    VSO Burning SDK targets.NET 3.5 framework.
    For more information please contact us either via email or phone.

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  3. You might want to start speaking to your parents about moving to another country. The transition may be easier than you think.
    A job can be a great new chapter of your life, and not every new company is built on prejudice, and eliminates candidates based on gender, race, or ethnicity. The CiteSeerX team used the same criteria, so that any recent graduate is invited to apply for a job at CiteSeerX. So far, there have been no successful reject

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  4. It is safe enough to use, so even novice users can be satisfied by its versatility and satisfying results.

    Can you believe this is not the first time this great resource gets reviewed? Well, it is time to take a break and start reviewing workmates from other team members. For this time, I will be reviewing back and evaluating the work of my team mate, bytche-wax.

    It is through actions such as evaluating one’s performance, checking the work

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  5. TubeDigger Screenshots:

    TubeDigger Video:

    TubeDigger seems to suit what I’m looking for so far–downloading videos from the Web.

    Pixar Animation Studios » Pixar Animation Studios is an American animation and computer graphics studio that was founded by… A division of The Walt Disney Company that focuses on computer graphics and film… The studio was founded in 1986 by computer graphics pioneer John Lasseter,…

    A leading software development company

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  6. The app has a tabbed interface and should perform excellently on PCs with Intel or AMD CPU’s and up to 32GB of RAM installed, but of course, any regular Windows PC can be used for this purpose.

    #5 PCtimer

    Yes, it does sound like it’s about time for another review on a task scheduling app. However, this time we are talking about PCtimer, a power saving utility that will handle the way the system behaves when

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  7. The bundle is divided into the following apps :

    I will support you on your further installation process, and you will have access to the following articles :

    This manual will describe how to install the application to your PC using a batch file.
    If you’d like to install the applications to a specific location, you should enter your EXE files.

    The first step is setting up the application – an easy process thanks to the README file included. You can see a detailed

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  8. After all, MPEG Layer III Audio Encoder for DirectShow is not a solution for everyday audiovisual file playback or encoding, but rather a solution designed to handle only audio and video encodings.
    This is a Java-based application that allows you to play your favorite games even on your Linux platform. Having to use Wine on Linux is not desired at all since it can be extremely inefficient.
    However, Zero game requires you to download and install the bundled Direct3D runtime 2

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  9. Microsoft has released several updates and bug fixes to its flagship Windows operating system, Microsoft Windows, that fixes a lot of the bugs that have been reported by users since the last update. Major changes and bug fixes were found in Microsoft Windows 10 Build 16284, Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17134, Windows 10 Build 14393, Microsoft Windows 8.1 Insider Build 16308, and Microsoft Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14331:

    * Windows 10 Build 16284 fixes the issues with the 1b4b956d05 brigrah

  10. Send large files via Bluetooth® wireless technology over short distances. File size limit: 100 MB.

    File Transfer

    ▸ File size limit: 100 MB.


    ▸ Start the transfer process by simply dropping files from your desktop or send a message over Bluetooth® wireless technology. Simple, fast and easy.

    Key Features

    Security and speed

    Easy and fast transfers of files happen with high data-rate and an intuitive design of 05e1106874 bilkam

  11. Moreover you have to define when is the first call on hold and when is the second call on hold. Setting the device to be in ‘call’ mode or to ‘inject’ mode. It also possible to have a phonecall already on hold and if the second call is just finished to transfer the call. This allows greater flexibility. For example when a phonecall is transfered to a phone call on hold, you can select on hold for you.
    The last dial page by D
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  12. The possibility to use the application to copy, or paste formatted text within a document, without the need for intermediate “paste” actions; the accessible user interface and the possibility of setting shortcut keys are features which hardly miss of TranslatePi.
    TranslatePi Review: In Conclusion
    Unique features for which TranslatePi is rightly regarded as a top-notch tool.
    It comes with a 2.1 MB size and can be run natively from a USB drive, so
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  13. Steps

    In the Start menu type Win Sets and go to Win 7 Settings then open the control panel. Choose Appearance and Personalization > Color and Themes > Selectable Colors and make sure the theme called Windows 8 is selected.

    Step 3

    Go to the Start Menu and in the Search type Control Panel. Go to the Control Panel and select Themes > Change Desktop Wallpaper. Go to the Folder

    Step 4

    Extract all of the images
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  14. If you don’t want any of the features listed here, you can also do without any of them. The wonderful thing about this software is that it does not involve any annoyance for the user, making it highly recommended.Crisis Point (song)

    “Crisis Point” is a song by the Futureheads, released as the second single from their first album Science!. It is the first single to be taken from the album, as their previous single, “Left Out in
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  15. All of this with just one click.

    ProofRead is a proofreader and WYSIWYG HTML editor. It’s specially designed for Web Designers, it supports an easy way to get a Web Site Ready for a client’s review and can easily be integrated into Page Builders, Code Templates or any other Website Creator.

    Created an expert system application that helps you to keep track of your money in real time. The program creates a file with bills, stocks,
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  16. Key Features:
    – Supports batch conversion of files;
    – Creates and renames output files based on input extensions;
    – Can format audio files, split multi-track items, batch and optionally rewrite tags info;
    – Adjust audio settings (sample rate, bit-depth, width and quality);
    – Supports batch conversion and overwriting;
    – Built-in help file;
    – Tracks can be added from folders or copied from other programs;
    – Configuration options include
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  17. If you’re on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10, and your computer is not currently on its way to obsolescence, you have good reasons to download MBOX Email Extractor.
    5-minute boot time and startup time
    Usability in the configuration menu is intuitive, as the tool doesn’t come with any unnecessary options but only basic settings.
    You don’t need to download an EXE file, since MBOX Email Extractor is a portable executable,
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  18. is an application that is meant to serve as a virtual bookshelf, where you can organize and put just about any piece of media you’d like to see. Find and download ebooks, audio files and convert them into almost any other format. The best part is that it’s completely free of charge. You won’t get the same experience with an official PDF tool, as it won’t recognize the file types people expect to open on most modern devices. It may
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  19. This application is designed to back up your Picture
    DVDs after having deleted one or more of the files.
    The program was designed so that, when you start, it
    display all the Pictures on the DVD you have selected.
    You can now remove all the Pictures to have only one Picture left, or instead remove only one or more of them, which will then appear on your disk.
    You can save the picture which will remain stored on
    your Picture DVD for the last
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  20. +

    ArmaNpy is designed and developed as an accessible and open source set of SWIG interface files.
    ArmaNpy allows you to quickly and easily generate Python bindings to C++ code which uses the Armadillo matrix library.
    From within Python any Armadillo matrix is represented as a NumPy matrix.


    ArmaNpy allows you to quickly and easily generate a Python interface to any Armadillo version from 8.0 to
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  21. Export to text format
    Evernote2Onenote’s main advantage is that you can export your notebooks to rich text format, as opposed to plain text or plain formatted text, provided that Onenote is set up to read them.
    In that way, you can open Evernote2Onenote and check the notes from your virtual note collection, similar to what you could do in the Evernote web site itself. You can convert a plain-text notebook into
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  22. Necessary configuration, but cumbersome in some situations
    Even though the installation process doesn’t cause any issues, you will be required to configure the tool a few times. First of all, you must populate the channel information with the names, the frequency, the polarity and the country where the channels are being broadcast, which is accomplished through the available scan parameters.
    You may add new channels and delete the ones you don’t want, in accordance with the new configuration. You can also
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  23. Check out Nubage – Expenses Calculator here.

    Awaiting approval! Kids4Food Challenge and literacy tutor Goscarczyk plans to launch a new mobile app due in 2017, called Forest on a Block. It will teach kids fundamentals of basic carpentry by building simple, shape block-based objects. All of them require a saw, a drill or a hammer. What makes it work? We’ve included the project description below for further reference.
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    Planetary speed, mass, gravitational force are simulated including light .  Sun Planet Earth.

    The planets’ changes are calculated using a simulation step of 100 years. It means that you can test the Solar System’s evolution over millions of years.

    The simulation steps vary from a single second to years for Mercury, Venus and Mars, to tens of years for Jupiter and Saturn.  It is possible to cut the time interval of the simulation according to the
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  25. It’s a web-based application that you can use from anywhere.

    The various groups that can be created are called “Chats” and you can offer a chat invitation to other interested people.
    Every chat has its own room, profile, and settings.

    In the Channels view, the only thing we can see is on the left-hand side are the displayed users or the chats. On the bottom is a toolset which is used to create
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  26. by Josh Loehrke
    Toggle desktops for super-fast and easy switching that’s better than ever.

    by Erik Neubauer
    Toggle desktops for super-fast and easy switching that’s better than ever.

    by Pete Cashmore
    If it is not already, please consider joining the Discord.
    Here is a link:

    Thank You
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  27. Other features:
    Password protection,
    Automatic and manual range of monitoring,
    Different log version for each installation,
    Detailed information for each computer,
    Customize email reports,
    Create or delete folders for Each Login,
    Request support by phone, email or ticket,
    Runs in linux and Windows,

    Enterprise User Monitoring Software

    Application User DetailsMonitor your employees from anywhereGet information about your user’s activity in an instant

    Company Name
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  28. The 10 Best Work at Home Books to guide you through the process of work from home
    WOW! This is a great list of resources on home based work. I have the number 1 quick best book you can get for work at home with great interviews. Thank you for posting this info.

    Michael Symons

    Jun 26, 2018

    One of the 10 Best Work at Home Books to guide you through the process of work from home

    Hello This is amazing List
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